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Founders Nichale Denby and Nichole Denby-Jackson make up the dynamic Sister duo who found a way to shed light in the midst of one of the most uncertain and challenging times that the Human race has ever faced. During the first peak of the Global Pandemic, the Sisters were informed that a family friend tested positive for COVID19. With the fear of possibly becoming infected from sitting and touching unsanitary seats while flying, the sisters came up with a superb idea to create Anti-Microbial airplane seat covers. Nichale and Nichole had a seamstress create a prototype to be able to develop a few samples to sell to their close friends and family members.

One of their main goals was to gather additional funds to find different ways to make an impact in various communities. The Sisters used some of the proceeds to deliver food and much needed medical supplies to local hospitals. The duo also made errands and grocery store runs for high risk COVID-19 individuals in hopes to mitigate their risk of becoming infected. After receiving so many compliments and praise from friends and family on their safety seat covers design, they decided to take it to the next level and mass produce for the general public for global use.
Moving forward, the Denby Sisters will continue their Philanthropic efforts and donate a portion of all proceeds to Charitable Organizations.